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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  February 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. pg&e caught skirting safety inspections before the san bruno blast. why safety regulators took so long to take action. plus, decision day at cal. athletes just hours away from learning if their sports team will be cut. but could a legal issue change the game? good morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. it is thursday, february 10, i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. thanks for joining us. time now, 4:30 on this thursday morning. we begin this morning with breaking news in san francisco. right now, police are investigating a deadly accident in the inner richmond. anne makovec reports from the scene. >> reporter: well, we can tell you there's going to be a traffic issue in this area for
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some time this morning. one person has died in this accident here behind me. two cars were involved. a person in the gray car died. the fire department just arrived on scene. we are guessing that they are going to be extricating that person this morning. this is the intersection of an wayne low and -- an way low and geary boulevard. three blocks are shut down for the investigation. elizabeth has some alternate roads in case you're traveling through the area. >> as you said, anne, it's going to make a traffic impact for your morning commute. this is the portion of inner richmond in san francisco is the area where san francisco police department did confirm this was fatal accident. three blocks of geary boulevard are closed so your alternates,
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california street or balboa street. if they have to block portions of arguello the avenue is the alternate. we have ongoing roadwork on the upper deck from treasure island until 5:00 this morning various lanes closed, no delay approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights, not for another couple of hours or so. also, we have this accident up in sonoma county southbound 101 at least one lane is blocked. chp just arrived on scene. so we didn't have a lot of details. back to you. a natural gas explosion in pennsylvania has spawned fires, downtown power lines and hundreds of people forced from their homes. as many as six people are unaccounted for now after an explosion that happened last
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night. firefighters expect a total of 8 houses are lost at this hour and 16 others have been damaged. the blast blew out windows at a senior citizens center, several other structures caught fire. people were cleared from the area including elderly residents. new state records show pg&e put off inspecting its gas pipeline for years. an audit shows that those were crucial inspections in high pressure transmission lines. the utility put them off for more than two years. the california public utilities commission says pg&e also failed to follow its own safety guidelines to make sure inspections were thorough. pg&e says it understands the number of findings are high and it is now working to ensure the safety of its pipelines. stanford demanding that pg&e give it a detailed account of pipelines and their maintenance inspection history. the san bruno pipeline reportedly snakes through the palo alto hills and cuts through stanford before reaching the neighborhood that
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suffered from the explosion in september. and that is just one of two gas lines that passes under the university. today is the day we expect to learn whether five sports will be discontinued at cal. the athletic department might drop baseball, rugby and gymnastics from both men and women and rugby from women as a money saving move. they plan to drop the sports to save $4 million a year. a group of supporters is trying to save the team with donations. they have collected $15 million. they might have to be reinstated because of laws of gender equality in athletic programs. someone opened fire on a bus in richmond. the victim was cut in the face by flying glass. the shooting happened near third and grove avenue about 9457 last night. someone in a group standing on a corner opened fire about 9:45 last night. the bus was hit three times. police are trying to learn if someone on the bus was a target
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or if it was random. san mateo county warning people to keep an eye out for mountain lions. they were spotted just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon in woodside near the west entrance to canada college. the office of emergency services says mountain lions usually try to avoid confrontation with humans but still it is best to kept a close watch on your small children or dogs. and avoid hiking or jogging at dawn, dusk and at night when mountain lions are most active. let's check the weather on this thursday morning. i'm a perfect 4 for 4. 4 days in the city, 4 beautiful days, mark. >> it's chilly, breezy in some parts of the bay area right now. 31 in napa, 32 at the freezing mark in santa rosa and 31 degrees in fairfield, 35 in livermore. some 40s around the bay. toward the afternoon, here comes the sunshine again. going to be spectacular, as much as 67 degrees as we head towards santa rosa.
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65 in san jose and about 62 degrees in livermore. so the weather really just looking fantastic but folks, we got some major changes in the works as a whole pattern is going to begin to shift a bit. i think that will begin toward the weekend. we'll notice that ridge of high pressure beginning to weaken somewhat to allow a few more clouds coming in. by monday they continue to gather, overnight monday night into tuesday now looks like the rain will begin. and once this pattern opens up we'll see rain again on tuesday, wednesday, and these cold storms rolling through. this week is going to be a far cry -- next week is going to be a far cry from the warm weather we are seeing now. back to you. >> thank you. it is february. we'll take it. thank you. a man hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after a shooting at a store in san francisco. a shooting in the haight- ashbury neighborhood happened after a man walked into the store with a small dog yesterday afternoon. the dog apparently got in the way of a store employee who shoved it with his foot.
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a witness says the dog other than challenged that employee. >> come back in, my brother felt like he has something on him. he shot three bullets -- [ indiscernible ] >> that store employee was arrested for that shooting. 4:37. a napa state hospital inmate is in the hospital after setting himself on fire. about 100 inmates were moved temporarily after that fire last night. officials say the man set his clothes on fire inside a cell. he was flown to a sacramento hospital. no one else was hurt. the inmate had been at the napa facility since last fall. that's when he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the san francisco police commission asking for the public's help in selecting a new police chief. today the commission will hold an event to listen to community input on nominees and quality sought in a top cop. the public is also invited to
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attend the commission's regularly scheduled meetings and submit written suggestions. protests on the streets of cairo are growing and so is the friction between egypt and the united states. the white house says government officials need to do more to meet the demands of the demonstrators or the protests will just continue. ines ferre has more from washington. >> reporter: across egypt, pressure is building for president hosni mubarak to step down. a number of bus drivers walked off the job this morning just a day after thousands of egyptians including government workers went on strike. for more than two weeks now, protestors have poured into the heart of cairo to voice their frustrations. but in a new sign the movement is gaining momentum, activists took their message to parliament wednesday. egypt's vice president has warned demonstrations like these won't be tolerated for much longer. but more protest is exactly what the country should expect
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according to the white house. officials said wednesday, the government has not even begun to meet the sweeping changes demanded by its people. >> i think if there is some notion on the government's side that you can put the genie back in this bottle, i think that's gone a long time ago. >> reporter: in an interview with cbs newshour wednesday, egypt's foreign minister accused the u.s. of initially trying to impose its will on the country. he also signalled mubarak isn't quitting anytime soon. >> he believes that if he steps down, then first that is unconstitutional, but second, he thinks that it would entail chaos and violence. >> reporter: demonstrators aren't ready to give in, either. they are calling for yet another protest of millions tomorrow. ines ferre for cbs news, washington. this morning, a republican congressman from new york has resigned over a craigslist scandal. it's all because of this photo right here.
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that's christopher lee. he reportedly sent pictures of himself without a shirt on to a woman seeking a relationship on craigslist. well, the woman apparently googled him, realized who he was and sent e-mails to the website gawker. she married, by the way. he says he regrets the harm that the actions have cautioned his family, his staff and his constituents. >> what was he thinking? the arizona shooting spree investigation now in the hands of the u.s. attorney's office. the fbi and state authorities have handed it over after finishing their probes into the shootings that killed six people. congresswoman gabrielle giffords was one of the 13 people wounded last month. aides say that she recently began speaking for the first time since she was shot in the head. they say among her first words was a request for toast with her breakfast on monday. time now is 4:40. from stake to cereal, why you will be paying more for food. >> bay area stores open early as the verizon iphone hits the
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shelves. how at&t is pulling out the big guns to keep customers. >> pack light. why the burden of checking a bag is about to get heavier on your wallet. all coming up next.
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a lot of sunshine today, but soak it up while you can. we have a big change in the weather coming. talk about that in a few minutes. years of rumor and speculation and today the, the verizon iphone finally hitting store shelves. verizon and apple stores opening early at 7 a.m. this morning to handle the expected rush of customers across the country. until now, at&t had been the exclusive iphone carrier. but not anymore. there have been a lot of complaints though about at&t service. at&t not taking it lightly. it's fighting back offering incentives in hopes of keeping customers. it's allowing the iphone to share its internet connection
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with wi-fi-enabled laptops and other devices and next week it will start offering credit toward a new at&t device in exchange for old cell phones. california no longer for sale. governor jerry brown dropping the plan to sell buildings. >> it didn't make much sense because it in effect is a gigantic loan with interest payments equal to over 10% every year. >> the state had been in negotiations to settle properties for 2.$3 billion under a proposal by former governor schwarzenegger to help close the budget deficit. the state would have to continue the use of buildings by leasing them from the new owners. price of groceries going up because of the cost of corn and buy-out rumors show twitter worth more than ever. here's your moneywatch. >> reporter:
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asian markets edged lower. wall street gets a look at the numbers. stocks finished mixed after fed chair ben bernanke told congress he expects unemployment to be high for several years. the dow added six and change. the blue chips have now gained 8 days in a row. the nasdaq closed down 8 points. some good news on the foreclosure front. data release overnight shows fewer u.s. homes entered the foreclosure process in january than in any month in three years. but the news isn't all good. actual home seizures increased 12% from december to january. the foreclosure crisis is not expected to peak until sometime later this year. expect to see higher prices at the supermarket due to low supplies, corn costs have doubled in the last six months and that has a ripple effect on everything from steak to cereal. fast food will also likely get more expensive the higher prices should start showing up in about three months though most of the impact will not be
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felt until the summer. and twitter is not for sale yet. but when it is, we're talking big bucks. the "wall street journal" reports low level talks between twitter and would-be buyers like facebook and google have been in the neighborhood of 8 to $10 billion. so far the costs have gone nowhere. twitter hasn't signalled they are ready to sell. that's your moneywatch. for more, stay with in no, i'm ashley morrison in new york. here's another reason to pack light. u.s. airways is raising the fee to check a bag heavier than 50 pounds on its domestic flights. it's now going up to $90 from $50. that's already on top of the $25 to check a first bag and 35 for a second. you could pay as much for the bag as for the flight. spirit airlines recently began charging extra for bags above 40. >> it's cheaper to buy new clothes at your new destination. >> or put on as many as you
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can. the time now 4:46. show me the beef. how a lawsuit taco bell is turning into freebies for you. >> drinking diet soda could be putting your health at risk. >> so many gone. now i can't take it out. >> a bay area toddler in a tight spot. the tricky tool that got him out fingers intact.
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wounded 42 others. the attack happened a suicide bomb attack in pakistan has killed several and wounded 42 others. it was at an army training camp. investigators say there are indications that the bomber was a teenaged boy. the bombing is being linked to the pakistani taliban. it is new evidence that the taliban and al qaeda-linked fighters are still a force in pakistan despite years of army operations against their hideouts. north korea today refusing
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to hold any more military talks with south korea. the north accuses the south of lacking serious intent to improve relations. yesterday, the koreas' first officials talks in november ended abruptly after raising hopes of improved ties. this morning, people in the south waking up to subzero temperatures and imagine having to drive through this here. this is tennessee getting home in the snow was an uphill battle there literally. watch as some struggle to make it up the road here. a lot of traffic. one driver says it took him 10 minutes to get to the top. three inches of snow fell in the city at clarksville yesterday just in time for the rush hour. and i keep saying it lawrence, but really glad i'm here right now. >> yeah. no kidding! after seeing that. things are going to eventually change here. can't stay dry in southern california forever, can it? i don't think so. we'll see a major change in the weather pattern in the next few days. out the door this morning, we are looking at freezing in some
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spots and patchy frost. through the morning a whole lot of sunshine. very pleasant temperatures outside well into the 60s, as high as 67 degrees in 10. warmer spots. inside the bay 50s and 60s. at the coast, 50s and a few 60s with plenty of sunshine there, too. no fog to speak of. but we are looking at some changes. but for the next couple of days it will hold on. eventually toward the weekend, this jet stream sags further to the south. we'll begin to see a few more clouds make their way across our skies and as we head in toward next week we're talking about cooler temperatures and the return of some rain to california. how about this? we have temperatures expected of 64 degrees in morgan hill today, 65 should be just beautiful in san jose. 63 in redwood city. 59 degrees in pacifica. and about 63 degrees in fremont. east bay numbers with plenty of sunshine, should bring temperatures as high as 65 degrees in pleasanton. about 66 in oakland.
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and 65 degrees in berkeley. the north bay looking at some of the warmest numbers you get that offshore wind that down slope wind to warming things up in santa rosa yesterday. should be a repeat today as we'll see about 67 degrees there again. 66 in sonom about 65 in napa and 61 in kentfield. next few days looking good as we'll enjoy more sunshine and some nice temperatures to go along with that but that ridge begins to flatten out toward the weekend allowing for a few more clouds to make their way into our skies and come monday, the clouds really begin to gather, and i think overnight monday into tuesday, that is when we should begin to see rainfall around the bay area. once the pattern opens up, looks like this next week, we are going to be seeing a series of storms through the next 10 days after that. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. we are following two accidents right now. a new one just reported at the bay bridge. but first let's update you on this breaking situation right now in san francisco's inner
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richmond neighborhood. we had a fatal overnight crash near the intersection of geary boulevard and arguello. two-car crash. we are telling people to use alternates to avoid the area. not too busy at this time of the morning but if they keep geary boulevard blocked off, this is going to cause major delays. let's go to our maps. right now they have a three- block radius of geary boulevard blocked off near arguello from about second avenue to jordan so california or fulton are going to be your best alternates while san francisco police department and even fire crews are on scene. this is also impacting several muni lines in the area including 38 geary which is delayed so far this morning. everything else, bart, ace, caltrain, everything else is on time. all right. bay bridge, i mentioned a problem. we just got this into our newsroom. apparently near treasure island, two lanes are blocked. this was an accident involving a couple of vans. we don't have too many other details, that delays are blocked off in the area. so far no delay though as you approach the toll plaza.
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and the metering lights remain off but again, chp heading to the scene of this one just reported just a couple of minutes ago now. all right. we are not seeing any delays on our sensors heading into san francisco. no metering lights there at the toll plaza. but you may want to consider the san mateo bridge as an alternate which looks great so far this morning. should be 13 minutes in this westbound 92 commute direction. so far very quiet this morning across the span heading toward foster city and the peninsula. 880 through oakland looks great, as well. you can't see it but the coliseum is off there in the distance and north- and southbound traffic on the nimitz freeway looks great between hayward and downtown oakland. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. don't push your luck, a judge said to lindsay lohan. she pled not guilty yesterday to stealing a $2,500 necklace. prosecutors claim she took it in january while still on probation for a drunken driving case from 2007. she posted $40,000 bail and was
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released. she returns to court on the 23rd. if convicted, lohan faces serious time in state prison. apparently, california high schoolers are getting better at taking advanced placement tests. the college board says 22% of california students in last year's graduating class passed at least one ap test up from about 20% a year ago. and it's better than the national average at 17%. only 5 states did better than california did last year. and there is beef in tacos and taco bell is trying to prove they contain more than 35% beef. they say they are 88% beef. what's the other 12?? and to prove it, it's offering 10 million free taco coupons on their facebook page, that's one facebook fan per coupon. diet soda may be better but may increase your risk of
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having a stroke. researchers looked at 2500 people in new york city and found those who drink diet soda daily are 48% more likely to have a stroke. that's compared to people who don't drink any kind of soda. >> we did not see a significant association between regular soft drink consumption and risk of combined vascular events but we saw it for diet soda. >> at this point researchers have no chemical or biological explanation for why diet soda may be risky. a scientist with the american beverage association says, no, no evidence that diet soda uniquely causes an increased risk of stroke. if your kid is asking for a dog it might be a good idea because a pooch could help teens stay in shape. researchers at the university of virginia followed 300 teens and found that teens with dogs logged about 15 additional minutes of physical activity a week. is that all??? >> yeah. well, guess they're walking the
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dog. >> and texting at the same time. a 2-year-old san jose boy is fine this morning and his finger intact after a mishap in the bed of his father's pickup. he tried to find a hot wheel toy and got his finger stuck in a hole. his parents tried to free it, no luck. then firefighters stepped in and they couldn't do it either. so to they had to go to plan b. >> a truck company that was on scene that carries a lot of tools and equipment grabbed a reciprocating saw that goes back and forth at high speed in conjunction with lubrication fluid we were able to remove a section of the truck bed. >> caleb and his finger were still attached to the piece of the truck bed when they arrived at good samaritan hospital. firefighters again used the saw in an operating room to finish the very delicate job. >> his finger is okay. it looks scary but he is okay.
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4:57. coming up, pg&e caught taking shortcuts on pipeline safety inspections. >> the audit happened before the san bruno blast, so why did it take them so long to take action? coming up. and is it game over or game on? cal set to decide whether to reinstate five sports. why some say they don't have a choice. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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